L’Amphitryon, Colomiers – two Michelin stars, but not memorable

We had lunch at the 2 Michelin-star restaurant L’Amphitryon in Colomiers, near Toulouse, today.

First impressions: view of the full extent of the Airbus hangar and insufficient parking (details, I know, but it’s all part of the experience and since I discovered shopping malls with valet parking, I am impossible to please).

Then: who thought painting the outside brickwork gold – yes, GOLD – would be nice? Inside, it’s all very well done and design-y, but the place looks just a little too polished and lacks a bit of warmth and soul. On the positive side, there are different rooms that connect into a large ballroom-style hall through sliding doors and and a glass ceiling and windows looking out into a garden with a terrace, so the place is very bright.

How was the food, you might ask? Well… Fine. We just wanted a bit of lunch and opted for the 38 Euro weekday lunch menu. 15 Euro more if you want wine and coffee with it. It was nice but, like the atmosphere, the food lacked warmth and generosity. There was an over-use of jelly for my taste (coriander, then mulled wine, later black currant) and the flavours fell short of my expectations. The most exciting thing was probably the amuse-bouches with lemon-stuffed Lebanese bread and mashed potato cannelloni. The stuffed squid with sarrasin was nice, but slightly cloying on the palate.

Prices were rather high, but portions were on the small side. When in fancy restaurants, I usually stay away from the bread to avoid stuffing myself. Today, hubby asked for a plate of cheese before dessert and I had more than three large slices of (very good) pain de campagne and some lemon and thyme rolls, because I would have gone home a bit hungry.

Aaawww-moment of the day: A couple in front of us apparently got engaged during their meal, judging from the ring and loud smoochy kisses. Cute, except they had these two cynical old fogies sitting right behind them, who have been married for decades and who were thinking “wait ’til you have kids that keep you from sleeping and stop you from going out for lunch ever again”. And then they updated their Facebook statuses to “engaged” while giggling happily at their phones.

Bottom line: I wouldn’t seek it out again. There are many more humble establishments in the area which provide a warmer atmosphere and more fun in the plate for a much smaller bill.


(photos borrowed from the restaurant’s website)

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