Classic Crème Caramel

Forget all the powdered puddings and shop-bought flans, this is quick, easy, delicious and 100% natural!

I bought these fabulous eggs from our neighbour today. They were just asking to be turned into something yum.

It had to be Crème Caramel


What you need for the caramel:

70g sugar

2 tablespoons of water

a few drops of lemon juice (optional)

What you need for the cream:

500ml milk (full-fat or half-fat)

200ml liquid cream

100g sugar (raw or refined)

3 eggs

2 little bags of vanilla sugar (or 1 vanilla pod)

1 pinch of salt

Start by pre-heating the oven to 180°C.

Make the caramel:

  • Heat the sugar and water in a little pan.
  • When the sugar turns golden, put in a few drops of lemon juice (optional).
  • Be careful not to let it burn.
  • Pour the hot caramel into about 8 small ovenproof dishes immediately.

Make the cream:

  • In a large pan, heat the milk and cream and bring to the boil.
  • Beat the eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar and salt in a large mixing bowl with a whisk.
  • Pour the hot milk/cream mixture into the egg mixture while stirring briskly.
  • Pour the cream into the ovenproof dishes on top of the caramel.

If you are using a vanilla pod, put it in the milk from the beginning (sliced open lengthways, scrape out the little seeds and drop everything in the milk).

Stand your little dishes into a larger one and fill the space between them with water (from the kettle, or not). It should be deep enough for the water to rise at least 3/4 up the sides of the small dishes. The idea of this bain-marie is that the steam from the water fills the oven and stops the cream from cracking and lets it thicken gently.

Put everything in the oven for 35-45 minutes. (Be careful that the cream doesn’t boil! It’s OK for the water to simmer, though.)

Take out of the oven and let cool completely before refrigerating. (If I have time, I let them cool off in the dish with the water. If not, I take them out and put them on an oven rack to cool.)

Here’s the short version:

  1. Make the caramel
  2. Heat the liquids
  3. Mix with the solids
  4. Pour into the dishes
  5. Stick in the oven
  6. Let cool
  7. Enjoy!

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