“tootlafrance.ie” – looking at France through Irish Eyes

This is going to be a short article, as I am blatantly going to redirect you to the web page Tootlafrance.ie on which Irish journalists give advice and information for the Irish (and Non-Irish) traveling around or living in France.

Three Good Boys Publishing, based in Durrus, West Cork, and operating under the capable direction of Conor Power, provide a fun page filled with well-written articles covering travel, culture, current and cultural affairs and, bien sûr, food and wine (that one’s my favorite).

I came across this site on the Nantes Just Imagine Facebook page when I spotted a short film giving a micro-tour of Nantes (we lived there for 8 years).

Enjoy the video – you get to see Nantes’ best-known market, le marché de Talensac – and do have a gander around tootlafrance.ie. There’s a whole page on food markets in France, as well as links to gastronomy events such as the Rhône Wine Week in Dublin.

Looking through all of that this morning, I can tell you that these Irish Eyes are smiling…

And up, the Rebel County!

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