Infinity Dreams Award

OK, this is a first for me, so I am not quite sure what I am expected to do…

The very charming and generous Steph of stephysweetbakes has nominated me for the Infinity Dreams Award. Ooooh, I am rather excited! Thank you, Steph! Her blog is really worth checking out, especially if you are planning on taking up jogging, because her food looks so delicious, you’re very, very likely to have another cookie.


For this award, I am supposed to write about my 7 dreams. I am warning you, this is going to sound an awful lot like a Miss World pageant…

1) World peace. Seriously. Why can’t we all just get along…?

2) I have three children. Of course, my dream is that they all grow up to be happy and healthy, and that they find a job they love that allows them to live comfortably. (Spending 10-12 hours a day at a job you hate is soul destroying.)

3) I dream of turning my food obsession into a business. Unfortunately, as I have already had a restaurant/café/deli, I know exactly how much work is involved, how much money you need to start with, how little you see your kids,… so this dream will have to take a different form to our first venture. Occasional contributions to magazines or online publications? A book? Cooking classes for kids and teenagers? Team-building for companies built around gastronomy?

4) I dream of aquiring specific know-how for certain processes in the kitchen, like yeast/fermentation in the baking process, or how to slow-cook eggs at low temperatures, or dessicating rasperries and turning them into powder. I’m not sure what I would do with that knowledge, but I would just like to know.

5) I dream of finding a person who can walk me through my local countryside and teach me to recognize edible plants, like wild garlic, and which wild berries make good jam. I would also love to know all the Latin names for everything.

6) In the same way, I hope to find someone who can teach me how to be a better gardener. I have grown vegetables in the past, because I think it’s beautiful and because I want my kids to see how stuff grows, but I am pretty sure it cost me more than buying food at the market.

7) I dream of travelling and eating and chatting and working and laughing and loving and sharing and learning until, one day, I drop dead.

Expressing dreams is a tricky business. Of course we all want our family and friends to be well, and who doesn’t want to have a happy, easy life? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your job and daily activities were not dependent on the economy, on your ability to pay the bills, on your family situation or dependent on where you live? But that is not real life. (Otherwise there would be an awful lot of happily loss-making cafés and very relaxed B&B owners in the world…)

Sometimes I dream of having “stuff” – a bigger Le Creuset cooking pot, for example – but then I feel a little guilty… Of course I have enough pots and pans already. Better to learn how to do more with less.

To get back to Dream #1, World Peace – you get a little, you give a little… 

Here are my nominations for the Infinity Dream Award:

1) I nominate Ellen’s blog Travelling the World Solo, because she takes excellent photos, writes snappy commentary, and does what I didn’t dare to do her age – travel to far-off places alone.

2) I nominate Ji’s blog Sugarsheet, because I love the range of her posts and I enjoy her views on French things. 

3) I nominate Angie and James Do Stuff, because they do stuff I want to do.

4) I nominate Debbie Cameron’s blog language: a feminist’s guide for it’s quality of writing and depth of thought.

5) I nominate Dana’s blog I’ve got cake because I enjoy her potty mouth, and her blogging advice is sound.

6) The next blog I wish to nominate is Barb Taub’s blog Writing and Coffee. Especially Coffee. Her humour is ace!

7) Finally, I nominate Fae’s Twist & Tango, because it’s a great blog with fabulous recipes and she has been very kind to a newbie like me. 

Thank you all for visiting my little blog and thanks again to Steph for the nomination! I invite you to take a look at my choices to see just why I like them. 


2 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Award

  1. Sweet Deborah, Congratulations for your Infinity Dreams Award! And, thank you for your kind words, mention and the nomination. I love your dreams. Mine are the same. We want world peace for everyone. We want a beautiful world for out children to grow happy, healthy and prosperous. xx

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