Roasted peppers

Nothing tricky about this one, but roasted peppers are super versatile. I have some in my fridge most of the time from June ’til September. Roasted peppers are great on their own with some bread when you’re having a glass of white wine, or on pizza, or on top of pasta, or to make a sandwich, or chopped on top of a salad, and in all kinds of finger food: rolled around a bit of cream cheese and secured with a tooth pick, on a slice of toasted bread with a sliver of dried magret de canard or Serrano ham… I used not know how to make them and thought it was hard. It’s not. (And, in my opinion, the price of roasted peppers at Italian delicatessen is absolutely not justified!)

My kitchen stove is induction, so I have no open flames like a gas stove – many people just hold the peppers to the flame with metal tongues – so I turn on my oven’s grill to maximum heat. I put the washed peppers on a baking tray under the grill and let them blacken, turning them from time to time to make sure the skin gets burnt all over. 

When they are done, I take put them in a large (metal, in my case) salad bowl and cover it tightly with cling film. I let the peppers cool off for a while. After about 20 minutes, I take off the cling film and use my hands to pull the skin off the peppers. It should come right off. If it doesn’t, you didn’t burn it enough.

Once peeled, I pull the peppers into strips and take out the pips. This bit can be a bit fiddly.

Season the peppers with a generous pinch of fleur de sel (salt crystals), pepper and quite a bit of olive oil. Sometimes I give it a dash of balsamic vinegar. I crush a small clove of garlic and add it in. A friend of mine puts in three, but as much as I love garlic, I don’t enjoy burping garlic for 48 hours afterwards…

The condensation makes the peppers sweat and it creates juice. This juice actually turns into a sort of jelly when it sets. I usually do 2 to 4 peppers at a time. They keep for several days in the fridge. If there is a bit too much oil, I simply use it to make salad dressing or to fry an egg or something. 



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