Doing something close to nothing in Corsica 

I had to get up shortly after four a.m. to catch my flight to Figari. I was so unbelievably tired… I had to remember to put out the cat’s food, leave the hatch of the chicken coop open, lock the house – all basics, I know, but all before five in the morning??? Thankfully, though, my exams were finally over, and I would not worry about work on Monday until Sunday evening. 

The Hubby and kids welcomed me at the airport. I had just had time to warm my toes in the sun, sitting on a bench outside the 4-gate airport on the south end of the Mediterranean island. It’s not quite warm enough to go swimming in the sea (the kids did), the weather is not quite sure enough to rent a boat and take a sail across the blue of the sea, but the pool was heated and my personal pleasure was sitting in a deck chair on the terrace under a blanket until close to midnight, first with a cup of coffee, and then nursing a dram of Zacapa rhum while listening to the Postmodern Jukebox on my phone. There was a full moon, too, as if I had ordered it. 

Off-season, so not many people around. It’s how I prefer it. Must be my antisocial side 🙂

The Hubby and I decided we’d get off our kids’ backs and let the teen have his mobile and let the younger ones have the remote control. That’s proof that you can buy peace and quiet. 

If you seek a definitive guide to Corsica for the discerning holiday maker, I am sorry to disappoint. All I can do is give you a few – very limited – pointers. 

Do have pizza with pesto and burrata at the Pizzeria Costa Marina. It’s a knockout! (But don’t bother with the local wine called Pietra Biancha. It’s like drinking Ribena laced with vodka.)

Do visit Bonifacio and take a stroll through its narrow streets and gaze at the amazing cliffs that are more reminiscent of Etretat than the Mediterranean. (But don’t bother paying 5€ for the little tourist train and don’t expect to dine like a king.)

Do have a meal at the very decent Playa Baggia with your feet in the sand and admire the blues and turquoise of the perfect beachscape at Palombaggia beach. (But don’t pay 16€ for a sun lounger at the Palm Beach next door – the Playa Baggia let their customers use theirs for free!)

Do climb up some of the rocks that make you feel like you’re hiking in Yosemite or Yellowstone. It’s easy and you feel like you’re on top of the world. 

If you have time on a Sunday morning, do sit on the terrace of Le Bon Coin, a café right beside the church in Porto-Vecchio, and listen to the pealing bells as you people watch. For a Euro, you can add a croissant from the little bakery across the square – one of the best, butteriest and flakiest I have ever tasted. 

I had five days in Corsica and I must warn the locals: I’ll be back. 

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