Chip Strips?

I got a little bit excited today. Very briefly. I had gone to get petrol after picking up the Teenager at the hairdresser’s, and since I refused to pay €19 for a small tin of elite hair wax, I told him he could buy a pauper’s wax at the supermarket for a mere €7. Yes, I know. I’m such an evil mother. 

Obviously, I did a spot of food shopping and while I was proud of myself for NOT buying the rosemary-and-thyme-infused sunflower oil or the spreadable Soubressade (*drool*), I saw these bad boys and thought I would try two of the many flavours on offer. 

Cooke’s Chip Strips: miles of flavour. 

Reconstituted potato with seasoning all over. Nothing awful in the ingredients list, but an impressive 510 kcals for a mere 100g. That’s more than Frosties. 

Bottom line: they’re expensive, fancy-pants Pringles. The packaging is excellent, but when you slide out the plastic from its sleeve, there’s a moment of disappointment… If you’re trying to impress your guests, I suggest popping them in a dish with a light yoghurt and chives dip. 

By the way, the chili ones are not far from the “Holy shit” category. It’s more on the second taste, but kicks like a mule. 

The kids will obviously demolish them in seconds. As they say in France, “tout ça pour ça“?

Deborah over and out. 

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