Two things I would not have thought of cooking on the plancha

I bought two things today I have never bought:

  1. Marinated quail halves for the BBQ
  2. Guinea fowl breasts

I had planned on throwing some chicken or beef skewers on the plancha with some vegetables (zucchini, aubergine, fresh onion) for tonight’s dinner, but was inspired to try something new at the supermarket.

I did the quails as they were, with a little sunflower oil. They turned out crispy and juicy and made a nice change from chicken. Also, they only took a few minutes. I turned them once or twice to make sure they were cooked through.

I cut the guinea fowl into large chunks and marinated them.

I love honey mustard and I was a little afraid the bird would turn out to be dry, so I made a marinade with the following ingredients for a sweet and tangy, slightly Asian flavour:

1 tablespoon medium mustard

2 tablespoons light soja sauce

1 tablespoon honey

1/2 lime juice

ground white pepper

2 tablespoons “wok oil” (A blend of sesame, peanut and sunflower oil, but any neutral oil would do. Not olive. Too pungent.)

Mix it all well and marinate the guinea fowl (or chicken) breasts for an hour or two.

I fried the guinea fowl first without the sauce, and added it only once I had turned all the pieces and they were well seized. The result is a kind of dark, caramelized sauce that works really well.

There are no leftovers.




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