Two things I eat all the time, served differently

We went to a restaurant the other day. Nothing fancy. Menu du Jour

One of the two starters was “gazpacho with burrata”, which I ordered because it has been hotter than hell’s kitchen here this week and cold soup seemed just the ticket. When it arrived, I was amazed to find an entire ball of burrata sitting in my soup. Unusual, but it worked really, really well.

It would have been a meal in itself had it been served both a slice or two of olive and garlic bread and a couple of slivers of Serrano ham. Wonderful!

In Corsica a few months back, I had the pleasure of eating burrata pizza, again with an entire ball of cheese sitting on top of my pizza with pesto and olives and other yummy toppings. Again, it was a hit.

The other food I eat regularly, but always in the same way, is wakame seaweed. I love its taste and its crunchy texture, but I usually just eat it as the usual salad you get with sushi.

In last week’s Menu du Jour, it was served on top of a seared tuna steak with quinoa taboulé and a red pepper coulis. It gave the dish the tang it needed not to be bland or dry or boring and offset the bell peppers’ sweetness nicely. 

Next time I throw some fish on the plancha, I might just top it off with a few strands of the green stuff. (*smacks lips inelegantly*)

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