My address book – in and around Toulouse

This is a list of places I would recommend for either eating out or buying produce.

It’s a list without comment (see blog articles for that), but I only put down addresses I like very much, not all the places I mention.

I will be adding on as I go along, so this is not a static page.


Le Puits St. Jacques

57 avenue Victor Capoul

32600 Pujaudran

L’Air de Famille

20 place Victor Hugo

31000 Toulouse

Lo Specchio

60 rue Tourneurs

31000 Toulouse


Les Fromagers du Mont Royal

Market in Samatan from 8a.m. – 1p.m. every Monday

For a detailed list of all the markets (and there are several each day from Monday to Saturday), click on the link above.

Côté Fromages

27 rue République

32600 L’Isle-Jourdain


Boucherie Sarrau

Lieu-dit Lhoulère

32600 Lias


Poissonerie Bellocq

105 marché Victor Hugo / 22 place Victor Hugo

31000 Toulouse

Italian Delicatessen:

Casa Venezia

43 boulevard de la Marne

32600 L’Isle-Jourdain

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